A team who give a damn.

Dare to be bold

Our team aren't afraid of risks. All we can ask of our humans is to go out there, be fearless and try their darndest to make an impact.

Practice empathy

(a.k.a don't be a dick)

Everyone is different, has different lived experiences and different skills. At Damn Good Beauty, we're empathetic to those around us and we practice acceptance and inclusion.

Be honest

No shade here - we embrace an honest and transparent culture. It's a two-way street so if you're open with us, we'll do the same. There's no time to second guess something, so may as well be up front from the get-go (but with respect)!

You do you

No, we won't judge if you splurge on the latest and greatest, but we take this one-step further. We want our humans to be true to themselves. No conforming or shying away out of fear of judgement. At Damn Good Beauty, we accept you for who you are, so you should too.

Your next dream gig?

We're always on the look out for Damn Good people to join our team.

If we don't have any job openings at the moment, send through your info anyway because you never know what'll come up! Email us at hey@damngoodbeauty.com.au for your next dream gig.

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